Vaping vs Cigarette Smoking: 5 Key Differences

Vaping and cigarettes both have risks and side effects. Both of them are not good for dental and physical health. But still, most people ask this question that which one is better the answer is electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes have different nicotine levels.

The beginners’ can use the low nicotine level so that they do not get addicted to the vaping device. A most vaping device that comes in the market has temperature level that you can control. This is not possible in cigarettes you cannot control the level of temperature.

But in vaping, you can control the temperature level the less the temperature the fewer chemicals you will inhale. Cigarettes are more harmful to dental health as compared to vaping. When you do smoking bacteria is created inside your mouth due to which infection is generated and your mouth is not capable of fighting back those infections and there are more chances of getting oral cancer.

Similarly, there are also many other side effects of doing smoking. To quit smoking most people start taking vapes which greatly help the user to quit smoking. There are many differences between vaping and cigarettes that are mentioned below.

Which is more harmful?

Neither smoking nor vaping is beneficial for health but according to research smoking is more harmful to dental health as compared to vaping but it does not mean that vaping is safe. When a person does smoking he is inhaling 7000 chemicals at the spot. Unlike smoking when a person takes vapes he is inhaling fewer chemicals. But there are some reasons due to which vaping is also not safe.

  • Vaping contains nicotine that affects not only physical health but also mental health which slows down the development of kids and teens.
  • Vaping is produced by using many liquids if the vaping device is not kept at the right place or if it is split on the skin it may give you many dangerous effects.
  • According to the research, some 2807people died from vaping.

Unlike vaping smoking also do damages too many organs in the body. Almost it does damage to all the organs of the body. By doing smoking there are more chances of lungs damage. More than thousands of deaths are reported in the United States due to smoking.

Vaping vs Smoking:

  • No Nicotine control vs nicotine control: When you do smoking there is no way that you can control nicotine levels. The nicotine level is fixed and decided by the manufacture. You cannot change the level of nicotine or adjust it according to your choice. But in vaping, you will find many different devices in the market in which you can adjust the nicotine level. You can even find a variety of flavours and can even order e-juice online from different websites.
  • Nonelectronic vs electronic heating: When you do smoking you have to first light it up and then smoke it. There is no other way of doing smoking than lightening it up. But in the case of vaping, you don’t have to use lighter and matches to a light vape device. A vape device is an electronic device that heat e-juice and you can numerous adjustments. People find vaping easier than smoking.
  • Flavours vs endless flavours: Cigarettes contain only two flavours that are plain tobacco and menthol. Both flavours of cigarettes are quite harmful to health. Tobacco causes many health and dental damages. On the other hand vaping has a lot of flavours you can choose any of the flavours of your choice from the market and can even order them online from different websites.
  • No temperature control vs temperature control: In cigarettes, you cannot control the temperature levels the temperature level is already adjusted by the manufacturer. You light up the cigarette and inhale all the chemicals used in the manufacture of the cigarette. But in the case of vaping, you will find many devices in the market that has temperature control setting in it. When you set the temperature to normal or less it will help you to inhale fewer chemicals.
  • Non-Portable vs Portable: A cigarette is portable and can be placed in the pocket but once you light up the cigarettes you have to complete them or burn them. But on the other hand vaping is an electronic device and can easily slip into your pockets. You can take few sips of it and put it back in your pocket and take vapes whenever or wherever you like.

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