The Most Popular Fortnite Skins in 2021

The Most Popular Fortnite Skins in 2021

Fortnite is a game that has over 800 skins and out of those 800 you have some skins that come out every month and some that haven’t returned to the item shop in over three years so join me today as we look at the most popular Fortnite skins leading into 2021

Skin Number 15.

The ghoul trooper is a skin that comes out every year on Halloween and what makes it so popular is that it used to be considered one of the most og skins in Fortnite that almost every player wanted at some point in time unlike some of the skins that lost their tryhard status when they returned to the shop this didn’t happen with the pink ghoul trooper because I still see good bad and just average players using it all the time this skin can be bought for 1500 v-bucks and I guess players love the zombie look that it has because the skull trooper isn’t even one of the most popular skins anymore but let’s move on to

Skin Number 14.

The seeker some of you guys might not consider this one of the most popular skins but look at the analytics there are a ton of people still using it the main reason is that it’s a starter pack skin so expect it to go down on the list whenever the next starter pack comes out and a lot of new players and well everyone, in general, buys the starter pack because i think it’s the cheapest skin pack the Fortnite offers with the price only being 399 usd and you also get 600 v bucks and a pickaxe with every single starter pack that you purchase and you can’t forget about the players who buy the starter pack strictly for the extra v bucks they also get the skin

Skin Number 13.

The mogul masters these skins wouldn’t have made the list if the nick a30 bundle didn’t come out back in November of 2020 because that made the number of people using the mogul masters skyrocket okay and we can’t leave off that all of them just returned to the item shop on January 7th of 2021 so that’s going to boost their popularity all the way up to the next level for sure because almost every tryhard player wanted a mogul master for so long since these skins only come out about once every two years what makes people want them even more is seeing some of their favorite streamers wearing them with super sweaty combos

Skin Number 12.

Lexa there are so many reasons why this skin is one of the most used and popular Fortnite skins at the moment I’ll start by talking about the apparent reason it’s one of the most used skins the first reason this skin is so popular at the moment is it’s a battle pass skin you know it’s going to be used a lot until the next battle pass comes out the second reason this skin is very popular right now is that it’s the first anime-style skin the Fortnite ever introduced to the game making all the anime lovers want to buy the battle pass strictly for the Lexus skin and this is one of the best looking battle pass skins this season in my opinion

Skin Number 11.

The crystal a skin that’s not as try-hard as it used to be back in the earlier days of chapter 2 but there is still a good amount of both noobs and tryhards using the crystal this skin comes out in the item shop almost once every 30 days and you can purchase it for 800 v bucks there used to be a time in a fortnight when every single tryhard would use this skin at least once every 10 matches you had pros like booga scoped chap and many more using this skin so much which is part of the reason it’s so popular

Skin Number 10.

Mave this is a skin that’s really not considered try hard nor one of the best-looking skins in my opinion but it still made the list somehow just from being a skin that’s in the battle pass and it might just be me but this is my least favorite skin in the battle pass but anyway let’s move on to

Skin Number 9.

The man cake since this skin’s pickaxe is one of the most used items in the game at the moment you had to know the skin was going to make the list as well you can unlock the skin by simply buying the battle pass for 10 and reaching level 30. and i guess this skin has a lot of players using it because of the funny meme style look it has like who doesn’t find a grumpy pancake funny honestly this skin also has a good amount of selectable styles that you can choose from but i’m sure it’s going to lose its spot on the list of one of the most used skins whenever the next battle pass comes out just like every other battle pass skin on the list

Skin Number 8

Superhero skins these skins are basically 100 skins in one with how many customization options they have so i don’t blame everyone for using these skins like you have the option to make a good combo with this skin no matter what items you have in your locker even if this is the only skin you own you’ll still be able to make good combos with it that’s just how good they are you can get these skins for 1800 v bucks and even though they don’t return to the item shop every single week you’re still going to see a good amount of players using them every time you decide to hop on Fortnite

Skin Number 7.

The siren also known as the benji fishy skin you can get this skin for 1200 v bucks or 3 300 if you purchase the whole benji fishy bundle and i’m sure that everyone knows that with benji being one of the best and most popular Fortnite streamers in the world he’s going to help whatever skin he uses gain popularity and cause more people to buy it he did exactly that with the siren it’s to the point now where the siren is the face of tryhard skins because whenever you see a siren your first thought is that they’re probably going to be a really good player that’s going to put up a huge build to fight with you

Skin Number 6.

The nog ops this is one of the oldest skins on this list if we exclude the ghoul trooper that’s still used by a good amount of players to this day and even though the nog ops is a christmas skin that only returns to the item shop every december if you play Fortnite regularly you’re going to have seen this skin every month of the year this skin can be bought for 800 v bucks whenever it’s listed in the item shop and according to the analytics out of half a million people the skin is being used over 2 000 times every day so it seems like you might have some players who are in the christmas spirit the entire year

Skin Number 5.

The aura if there’s another skin that every single player who clicked on the video expected to be on the list it’s gotta be the aura like if you and your friends are trying to wear the same skin while playing arena or anything just ask if they have the aura and i bet you there’s an 80 chance they’ll say they got it the skin is even so popular it’s gotten to the point where it’s not quite even a tryhard skin anymore because you have both casual players and sweaty players constantly using it and if you’re someone who thinks the skin isn’t popular okay if you hopped on Fortnite and played five creative film matches you would find at least three auras out of those five matches that’s just a guarantee

Skin Number 4.

Rhys this is the second skin you unlock if you buy the battle pass and i don’t even know how many people purchased the battle pass but it’s got to be a good amount of people making this the fourth most popular skin in Fortnite at the moment but just like every other battle pass skin expect it to lose its spot whenever the new one comes out

Skin Number 3.

The galaxia this whole pack has some of the most used items in Fortnite at the moment and it’s shocking to me that the Fortnite crew membership went so smoothly and successfully i didn’t expect a lot of people and parents to allow Fortnite to take 11.99 off of their card every single month for a thousand v bucks and a new outfit but i guess it went better than expected making the galaxy one of the most used and popular Fortnite skins at the moment like you always see players using the skin in pickaxe and i bet you at least five people on your friend list sign up for the Fortnite crew membership

Skin Number 2.

Regular default skins and no i’m not talking about the chapter one default skins that Fortnite released to the item shop for 800 v bucks we’re talking about the free ones you get these skins from playing Fortnite like every single player in the game owns all these skins so you should have known they were going to be somewhere on the list of the most used and popular Fortnite skins because we have these skins being used by players that might not know how to buy skins then you have players who just don’t care about buying skins on Fortnite since it’s a free game that’s not pay to win but not going to lie there might be some skins in emotes that are kind of pay to win just just a little bit

Skin Number 1.

The mandalorian of course the first skin you get from the battle pass is going to be the most popular skin of the season because all anyone has to do to get the mandalorian is by the battle pass for ten dollars which isn’t too hard for most people and that’s it and still i’m surprised it’s the most popular and most used skin in the game right now because i expected people to use the other skins to battle pass more in the mandalorian i guess i was wrong and you might have some people who just don’t care about leveling up to unlock more battle pass skins.

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