Most Common Instagram Mistakes You Must Ignore

One of the most common mistakes that everyone makes is buying followers and likes on Instagram. To get real followers a lot of hard work is required. No one gets the followers in only one night. Most people earn followers by buying from different sites and companies.

The disadvantage of getting the follower is that you get the quantity, not the quality. Most of the sites provide fake followers or followers which do not belong to your niche and they are no help for your growth in Instagram. So before buying the followers, you must make sure that the followers you are getting are not fake, they are real and legit.

There are many different ways of identifying real followers. Before buying the followers you must first consider your target audience who belong to your niche.

Bad Content and Images:

The Instagram platform is all about sharing beautiful images and appealing content. Before uploading the image you must first use the features of Instagram to make it more attractive then upload it on your profile. When the users will see beautiful and HD visuals they will get motivated and will give you a like and follow you for more images.

Similarly content and caption play an important role. If your content is targeting some group of people your followers will unfollow you and give bad reviews about your content. Always post something that motivates the users and your followers to give you alike.

If your photo or image is taken in dim light and not visible you will not get any like or review. So shoot the images in light so that the content inside the picture is visible to the audience. You can also use some filters to make it more bright and visible. If you are uploading the image of some product then take more than one shoot from different angles so that the viewers can see it.

Posting too Much:

Posting too much on Instagram also leaves a negative impact on the followers. If you are posting the same content again and again your followers will get tired of seeing your post.

For example, if the user comes online and the first thing he sees is your post all the time he or she will unfollow you. Too few posts will leave an impact on your followers that you are not active on your profile and too many posts will annoy your followers. So always try to post at the best times.

If you are giving the post about different products then first upload only one post after a few hours post another in this your feed will be at the top and followers will get interested in what you have posted. If you are posting a lot of content it will get irritated and annoying.

Using a lot of Hashtags:

The hashtag is a great way to find your content. The advantage of the hashtag is that when someone types a keyword your content will appear on the top if you have used that keyword in your content.

The total number of hashtags you can use under each post is 30. But you have seen most of the people only use 4 to 5 hashtags under each post. Extra popular hashtags have a very short life span. If you are using a hashtag that does not match your content it will be a waste.

So always try to use the hashtags that belong to your niche such as you can use branded hashtags the advantage of the branded hashtag is that a lot of people when seeing the branded hashtag must visit your profile.

Not making your Bio Appealing:

If your bio contains a lot of irrelevant stuff no one will follow you or give you likes. Many people before they visit the post first look at the bio.

When your bio is not worth reading, followers will never read your post or view your profile. For example, if someone likes the product on your post and he or she wants to purchase it but your bio does not contain any contact or website URL that follower will give bad reviews about you and you will get hate from the users.

Always try to make your appeal and add the contact information so that the customers can contact you if they want to buy some product.

Not Making use of Instagram Stories:

Instagram stories are the best way to reach up to 500 million followers. If you are not taking the advantage of Instagram stories then you are wasting your time on Instagram. Most people are only interested in the stories, not in the feed. So always post on Instagram stories because it is the best medium to get more followers.

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