The hardest language is challenge for real Men and Women

It is like a challenge that you want to learn something new on daily basis. There are many challenges in life and you deal with them accordingly but learning something odd that does not belong to you and then performing it in right way in the front of expert of that thing is really a big challenge.

So here is that kind of challenge that you have to learn and you will also know how you can tackle that challenge on your own. It is common these days that you speak a language and then want to communicate to other.

But you should have known their language to communicate them. English has become the universal language but it is only known by those who are student or educated but the main language in that you are going to communicate, it is also known by those who do not speak English.

So, you have to speak to them in their own language. That is why learning a language is important and you will find many different languages in the world. These languages are simple and hard to learn in their own way.

I will list languages that are hard to learn and this is challenge for you to learn them. Real men and women take real challenges and this is real challenge for all of you to learn the hardest language of the world.

The different languages contain the easiest languages to learn and hardest languages to learn as well. You can learn the different languages to prove that you can deal with any kind of challenge.


Mandarin is the name of language in China that is world most difficult language that you can learn. This language is among hardest languages of the world. There are so many alphabets to learn.

There are special signs that this language carries. There is special style to write the language. There is special kind of grammar to learn. If you have learnt the special signs, all the alphabets, writing style and the grammar.

You cannot speak that language properly. There are many things that you can learn only when you are living among them. There are some custom words that only can be learnt by living them.

These words are necessary for learning the language. You have to spend time these with the local people to learn them. So, if you really have made up your mind to learn the mandarin language, you have to learn it in that way which is normally used to learn it in actual way.

So, this is challenge for all of you that to learn this language by learning all the signs, grammar and writing style and when you are done with basics of this language.

You would have to stay with local people to learn the custom words. That is only way to learn the language. If someone is saying that he can teach you the language, without going with the living at that place.

May be he is right. But there are many things that are only learnable when you stay with these local people. Hopefully, you would take this language challenge and learn the mandarin language.

Note: Chines spoken language is different than the original mandarin Chines language.

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