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History and Facts of Good Bye


This is an amazing thing that how words can change over time and take a new meaning. For example in the 1300’s, the word “nice” meaning was “silly, and now its means is pleasant or attractive.
The word goodbye was first used in 1573 by a writer.

He has used this word in letter. Its evolution is not as such dramatic. This word comes from God be with you. The word goodbye is very used in name of movies, music, albums, songs and Tv serials. IF you want to know how to say “goodbye” in different languages, then visit TheDifferentLanguages.

From 1918 to 2011, it was used in different films.

An old British drama which was released on 1918 which was directed by Maurice Elvey.
A Dutch movie released on 1995.
A German short film released on 2004.
A famous Japanese film released on 2008.
An Irani movie released on 2011.

From 1969 to 2015, it was used in different Music Album.

In 2003, Good Bye used in (Cali Gari album).
In 2003, Goodbye used in (Ben & Jason album).
In 2005, Goodbye used in (Bobo Stenson album).
In 1969, Goodbye used in (Cream album).
In 2004, Goodbye used in (The Czars album).
In 1997, Goodbye used in (Dubstar album).
In 1974, Goodbye used in (Gene Ammons album).
In 1973, Goodbye used in (Milt Jackson album).
In 2007, Goodbye used in (Ulrich Schnauss album).
In 1999, Goodbye used in (EP) or the title song, by Seventh Avenue.
In 2015, Goodbye used in (Hahm Eun-jung EP), re-release of I’m Good.
In 2014, Goodbye used in Enough Z’Nuff or the title song, by Donnie Vie.
In 2013, Goodbye used in The Greatest Hits, by JLS
In 2003, Goodbye used in Opiate for the Masses.

Goodbye also used in songs

In 2014, a song Good-Bye by (Sakanaction song)
In 1999, a song Good-Bye”, by Jolin Tsai from 1019.
In 2006, a song Good-Bye”, by So They Say from Antidote for Irony.
In 1880 a song “Good-Bye!”, written by Francesco Paolo Tosti.
In 1917 a song “Good-Bye-Ee!”, written by R. P. Weston and Bert Lee.
In 1993, a song “Goodbye” (Air Supply song)
In 1999, a song “Goodbye” (Alexia song).
In 1997, a song “Goodbye” (Alma Čardžić song).
In 2006, a song “Goodbye” (Army of Anyone song).
In 2002 a song “Goodbye” (The Coral song).
In 2004, a song “Goodbye” (The Corrs song)
In 1999, a song “Goodbye” (Def Leppard song).
In 2015, a song “Goodbye” (Feder song), featuring Lyse.
In 1935, a song “Goodbye” (Gordon Jenkins song), first recorded by Benny Goodman.
In 2018, a song “Goodbye” (Jason Derulo and David Guetta song).
In 2004, a song “Goodbye” (Kate Ryan song).
In 2009, a song “Goodbye” (Kristinia DeBarge song).
In 1969 a song “Goodbye” (Mary Hopkin song), written by Paul McCartney.
In 1985, a song “Goodbye” (Night Ranger song)

Some TV Episodes are also mentioned below.

A TV episode “Good-Bye” (Rescue Me)
A TV episode “Good-bye” (The Wonder Years)
A TV episode “Goodbye” (8 Simple Rules)
A TV episode “Goodbye” (Blossom)
A TV episode “Goodbye” (Fullmetal Alchemist)
A TV episode “Goodbye” (Glee)
A TV episode “Goodbye” (Grey’s Anatomy)
A TV episode “Goodbye” (The Practice)


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