Canon EOS 250D Review

If you are looking for a cheap, yet a powerful DSLR camera that is loaded with jam packed features, then Canon EOS 250D is the perfect option for you. The camera offers every thing a powerful DSLR camera must have along with easy interface and usability.

The camera is the next version of Canon EOS 200D, which was regarded as the one of the best cameras introduced by Canon, the Canon EOS 250D certainly carries the legacy of its predecessor with fine modification and super lightweight body.

The camera is ideally suited for photographical beginners and hobbyist, that initially have no practical knowledge how to take pro grade shots with DSLR. However, the camera grows on you when you become an expert and is integrated with enough features that have the ability to take pro grade shots. To be precise the camera can be regarded as the most affordable and jam packed DSLR camera.

Lightest DSLR

Canon EOS 250D is actually the worlds lightest DSLR camera with a screen. The camera utilizes TFT LCD Touchscreen with 1040 K sRGB dots for displaying dazzling graphics.

Image stabilizer

Canon EOS 250D comes with 24.1 MP, 22.3 mm x 14.9 mm APS-C sensor and highly sensitive optical image stabilizer technology providing a powerful and super stable photographical tool for beginners, enthusiastic and hobbyists.


Exceptional features such as full HD 4K movie recording support and highly powerful image Processing capabilities powered by DIGIC 8 to adda a pro grade photographical flavor to the camera.

Effective 9-point auto focus

The camera is backed by powerful pentamirror viewfinder mechanism and provides and 95% frame coverage. However, the camera offers a very elementary but effective 9-point auto focus system with dual pixel CMOS auto-focus technology. As compared to other high models the focus points are low, but the plus point is that these focus points are evenly spread over half the width and height of the frame, which provides simple setup and usage for beginners.


Another good feature that the camera provides, includes a brilliant ISO of 25,600, which to an extent minimizes external flash requirements. Apart from that the camera comes with 5 fps continuous shooting speed with full resolution.


Loaded with multiple metering modes such as center-weighted average, partial and spot metering that have the ability to detect both infra-red and visible light which can significancy level up your image capturing capabilities.


Apart from remote shooting via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity the camera is integrated with seamless raw recording which adds another pro grade feature to the camera.


Powered by a powerful rechargeable Li-ion Battery LP-E17 the camera enables an all-day photographical experience backed by compact and to some extent a pocketable structure.

Canon EOS 250D is an affordable yet powerful camera, that has its own charm and elegance. A must one to have if you are eager to become a photographic pro.


Fortnite and the mode of the game

Fortnite is one of the most popular video games available on all platforms. It has three modes Battle Royale, saves the world, and creative mode. In saving the world mode you have to save the world from the monsters. You can play solo or in a team of 3 players.

The main part of saving the world mode is that you have to make strategies. You can build the structures to save yourself from the massive attack of the enemy. In Battle Royale, there are 100 players which are all playing against each other.

You are dropped into a certain location you have to move to different locations and find the opponent to kill them. Use the best weapons to take the target. If your health is down first to find a safe place to reload your health then continue the game.

There are hidden weapons, ammo, medications, and many other items if you use them wisely you will be able to win the game. The difference between saves the world and battle royale is that in a battle royale it is your choice whether to build the structures or not but in saving the world it is necessary.

How to change character in Fortnite:

Character is the main thing that represents your uniqueness and personality. When the game was released you were only allowed to change the costume and the character was generated automatically but Epic made the latest update in the game and allow you to change the character also.

You can even purchase the new skins for your character from the items shop by using your V-Bucks. If you want to change your character in Fortnite then follow the steps:

First of all, get the season Battle pass then in the menu go to the locker tab.

Choose the outfit slot and get the new outfit by selecting the skin you want.

Home & Garden

Best Fertilizer for Palm Trees

Many palm trees grow in tropical and subtropical regions many products and food come from palm trees. Palm trees are usually seen in the forests but many people keep them in their garden as well. They require extra care. They can live in grasslands and where there is water.

They need some nutrients that should e provided them in the right amount and in the right way. The most important thing to consider is how the tree will interact with the fertilizer that we are using and also the soil where it is placed. It depends on which type of fertilizer to be used as the procedure is different for the indoors and outdoors plants.

You have to use the long-lasting fertilizer for the palm tree because if they lost the nutrients then the palm tree will be destroyed. Using the right type of fertilizer is very important because if you use the fertilizer with some incorrect product then it will eventually kill the palm tree. Some of the fertilizers that are best for palm trees are:

Jobe’s Palm outdoor Fertilizer Spikes:

The fertilizer provides the nourishment to the roots and helps the palm tree to grow healthy. To keep the roots active you have to insert this fertilizer twice in a year. For inserting the fertilizer you have to first water that area and hen insert that spike about two inches below the soil surface. You have to make sure that the spike has been inserted correctly and 24 inches away from the tree trunk. First, read the applying method and then apply it.

Jobe’s Organic Palm Tree fertilizer:

The greatest benefit of this fertilizer is that works quickly on the palm tree. It is fully organic and cleans the chemicals and improves the soil condition and resist the disease and other insects.